There's a lot of reasons to go to Winstock in Winsted, MN this year, but let's start with the obvious - it's a BIG night for country music!

We at Quick Country 96.5 are so excited for this festival that we decided to come up with five reasons you absolutely need to see this show. Well, if we're being honest, making it to ANY big country festival is a priority this year! But, we digress...

We're preparing you for Ticket Tag Thursday which will have your chance to see Keith Urban, Little Big Town and Brantley Gilbert LIVE! Yes, you read that correctly! Speaking of... here's those five reasons you need to go to Winstock this year.



2. This might be the last time we see Brantley live for a while.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Did you hear the news today? He's about to be a daddy! In their case, it really is a miracle that this is happening!


3. You can work on that tan.


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4. Cool points with the kids!

Matt Winkelmeyer

Wait... Mom and Dad know who Keith Urban is!? Well, they do now!


5. Beer.

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How much of it? All of it. The atmosphere just makes it all the better to enjoy.

There you have it folks! We'll see you with your next chances to win tickets to this amazing experience on Thursday!