At Quick Country 96.5, we're always watching out for you. PLEASE SHARE THIS with everyone who might be affected by this scam. This is from Mary Tompkins, the Customer Service Manager at RPU....-Alan
RPU CLIENTS ALERT! Scam Alert for July 1, 2014

Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) reminds customers to be vigilant if called about a past due RPU bill. RPU has been notified by a number of customers that they are receiving calls stating that their bills are past due and will be disconnected without a payment. The customers also note that the caller ID is showing RPU's customer service number 507.280.1500, which can be done by using an app to hide actual phone numbers.
DO NOT give any information regarding your RPU service, billing, or payments over the phone. If you have concerns or reservations, RPU recommends that if you do not feel that the caller is from RPU, hang up and make an incoming call to RPU at 507.280.1500 during normal business hours, to inquire about your service. For more information, contact Mary Tompkins at 507.280.1624.

Mary Tompkins
Customer Service Manager
Rochester Public Utilities
4000 E River Road NE
Rochester, MN 55906