I have a mobile DJ and photo booth company. We play a lot of weddings in SE MN over the course of a year.

I always meet with the bride and groom the week of the wedding and talk over our 'game plan' for the big day. I like to ask how much input the groom has had and they always say, 'Not much'...I have to show up sober and say I do!'

That's why I wasn't surprised at the results of the following article from The Daily Mail.

According to a new survey, the average groom spends ONE-SIXTH as much time as a bride does planning their wedding. Which actually sounds kind of LOW. Apparently guys spend a lot of hours just nodding and agreeing to stuff.

The survey found that the average engagement lasts 16 months. And during that time, the bride spends an average of 36 DAYS worth of time getting ready for the wedding . . . compared to just SIX days for the average groom.

To put that in perspective, the bride's mother spends an average of 18 days, which is three times more than the groom, and HALF as much as the bride.

Which might explain why 21% of brides said they wish their mom had spent LESS time helping. Also, only 42% wish the groom had helped MORE. So in other words, a lot of women wish everyone would stop helping so they could handle ALL of it themselves.

But just imagine how much more time it would take if THIS wasn't the case. 74% of women said they made most of their wedding decisions before they even MET the guy they married, and 32% even picked out a DRESS while they were still single.

Guys aren't in denial about any of this, by the way. 87% of married couples admitted that the bride did most of the planning. And only 3% said that the MAN was the person who made the final call on most stuff.