My dog, Khuno, is pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.  He's adorable, cuddly, perfect size, very friendly, and crazy smart.  Yeah, I'm bragging because there is one major flaw that I just cannot figure out!!  It's over the top annoying to me... and everyone else!  The dog will..... NOT.... shut.... up...  I have literally tried EVERYTHING I can think of.  At first, I didn't want to be cruel, so I started with a spray bottle to the face and pinching his ears every time he barked.  Epic fail.  Eventually, the cruelness came out of me because I spent a pretty little penny on a shock caller.  Unfortunately, his hair is too thick, so he didn't even feel it.  My next step was shaving a patch out of his neck.  Oh, he felt that alright.  The collar worked wonders for about a week.  Then I take it off to reward him.  Within minutes, we are back to deafness in my house from his barking.  I'm seriously at a loss.  He knows when the collar is on, and he's even figured out how loud he can bark with it on.  Are you kidding me??!  Please help!  I'm so over looking like the crazy mom, screaming at the top of my lungs at this adorable little fluff ball!

Photographer Diana Johnson