I am so over the top thankful to be a woman.  For many reasons obviously, but mostly because I'll never have to propose.  I actually feel sorry for guys.  There's so much pressure to make it perfect.  Not only that, women are very materialistic.  Is the ring big enough?  Was his speech just right?  Was the location everything I dreamed of?  Don't get me wrong, I want all that too, of course, but still.  I've seen some pretty good proposals (online).  This one is my all time favorite!!!  How cute right??

The reason I bring this up is because I read a story this morning about a proposal that could have been an epic fail.  The two were scuba diving, and he popped the question under water.  Props for the unique idea.  I would have been afraid the ring would have floated away, or got eaten by a giant, disgusting sea creature, but nope, worse, instead, she almost died!!!  Of course she was so excited and surprised that she GASPED, which caused her whole mask to fill up with water.  She did eventually say yes though!