Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A Rochester woman had to undergo an emergency C-section Thursday after she got into a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend.

Police Sgt. John Mitchell says 20-year-old Chaz Moore somehow gained access to the woman’s home Thursday morning. The woman says she was sleeping when she looked up and saw Moore standing over her, screaming about something. She got up and at some point, Moore pushed the 20-year-old woman and she fell.

Moore left and a short while later, the woman - who was 26 weeks pregnant - noticed blood running down her leg. She drove herself to the hospital and initially, doctors could detect the baby’s heartbeat. But a short while later nothing was heard and it was decided to perform the C-section.

Mitchell says the woman apparently experienced what is known as placental abruptionIt’s described as a serious problem for the baby who can suffer from a shortage of oxygen.

As of Friday morning, the mother was reported doing okay but the baby was expected to be on life support for an extended period.

Olmsted County ADC photo

Moore was located Thursday and taken into custody.

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