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Rochester Summer Bucket List
Sure, Minnesota gets cold in the winter. Our winters can last pretty long too! But that doesn't stop us from taking advantage of every bit of summer we do have!
New Rochester Recovery House Given Greenlight
The definition of "recovery" is returning to a "normal" state of mind. But what's normal anyway? More importantly, what's your normal? How do you get back to it? One new Rochester organization is aiming to help those in recovery answer that.
Val's Open Letter To Kate Spade
Anytime a mental health crisis ends in suicide, I'm truly heartbroken. The news about designer Kate Spade this week really hit me. Did it hurt you?
Val's Summer Fashion Trends To Follow
Since Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to summer, I thought it would be fitting (ha! see what I did there!?) to make sure your fashion sense is on point from the start of the season!