Survey Finds 9-Of-10 Don't Want To Date Smokers

A survey by and Pfizer found 9-of-10 people preferred not to date someone who smoked.

Also, when asked which actions were unacceptable on a first date, 51 percent said taking a smoke break, 45 percent said it was unacceptable to check a phone and 40 percent said being late.

The survey also found:

-- Fifty-seven percent said they would never date a smoker.

-- Seventy-eight percent said the top concerns about dating a smoker was the smokers' long-term health, 75 percent said the top concern was the smell of cigarettes on their person, 80 percent said they were concerned of the smell of their home/vehicle and 62 percent said their top concern was their own personal health.

-- 78 percent said they minded kissing a smoker after they have had a cigarette.