Rodney Atkins

Join “Val’s Pack” For A Chance To Meet Rodney Atkins!
Last week, we had a ton of fun collecting members of my "pack" to qualify for a chance to meet Rodney Atkins backstage before his set at Harvest Jam 2016.
This week, we're doing it again!! We're getting one qualifier a day, and then I'll choose one lucky pack member o…
What $25 Gets You In Rochester vs. Going To Harvest Jam 2016
We've all heard a ton about Harvest Jam 2016, and for good reason! It's going to be freaking awesome!! There's no better way to kickoff Fall, than with beer, live tunes, friends and family.
Plus, you're getting a lot for just $25. Let's examine that a little further...
Join Val’s Pack For A Chance To Meet Rodney Atkins!
Ladies (or guys...), we all know Rodney Atkins is a handsome dude.
That's only one reason you'd want to meet him though. Think about the cool questions you'd be able to ask him if you met. You could ask him about the inspiration for his songs, what his home life is like, how his son El…