Times sure have changed since I was an adorable little Brownie! Before the jock in me took over, the badges ruled my life. I spent several years at camps, making cute little projects after school, selling cookies, and growing into a lovely young lady (I like to think)! Speaking of the cookies: the main fundraising effort of the Girlscout's, my sister and I kicked butt (mainly because my grandma owned a bar, and made sure she bought enough to have on hand all year round - thank you grandma!!) That was in during the day where there was only one time a year you could get your hands on those delicious little treats, and you had to wait until you saw a little girl come up to your door pulling a wagon. Technology has taken over those days, and now you can actually buy cookies via an app on your cell phone OR on a website, and the cookies will be delivered to your door right away.  As of right now, the app is not available in Minnesota, but over one million scouts worldwide have opted to participate, so we could see it in the very near future.