Dating is already hard. Then you add the fact that we live in Minnesota where there is snow on the ground most of the year and for much of the winters our temperature highs are in the single digits... that complicates things to a whole new level! With Valentine's day about a month away, I thought I would put together a list of 10 winter date ideas you could go on in Minnesota.

1. Ice Castle


Everyone I have talked to who has been to the Ice Castle, says it is really a cool sight to see. This attraction opens on Friday, January 17th and runs through February. There are slides, sculptures, lights, and fun activities for all ages. It sounds like the perfect date spot, where you can get some fun pictures.

2. Movies

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Here's the traditional date idea. Going to the movies is fun. Especially with all of the good movies that are out or coming out in the next few months. It's a traditional winter date, but a good one.

3. Adult Adventure Park

A short drive to the Twin Cities, you'll find an indoor adult adventure park. It's called Can Can Wonderland. They've got an indoor putt putt course, pinball and other attractions that will make adults feel like kids again. I can't wait to go check it out.

4. Tubing or Skiing

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Getting outside and enjoying the snow is one of the only ways to get through winters here in Minnesota. Coming from a warmer winter sports state, many folks love to ski. I was always an athlete and the coaches were against skiing, so I turned to tubing. Both get you in the snow and having fun. Compared to Colorado... it's way cheaper to do these activities here in Minnesota. There are so many options of places to go as well.

5. Bowling

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Oh good old bowling. If you are both competitive, this is a great date. It gets you out doing something active. It's also in a controlled environment, so you don't' have to worry about staying warm. You can learn so much about someone from bowling with them. Even the most athletic folks can stink at bowling.

6. Brewery Tour


We have a lot of breweries in our area. I had an ex who loved to do this. We would pick three brewers and try at least one beer at each location. We would then compare them. That way you aren't in the same environment for hours at a time. You get to check out some different scenery while enjoying some great conversation and beer.

7. Scavenger Hunt at the Mall of America

The Mall of America is huge! There are so many unique things there. My high school best friend lives up in Minneapolis. Her and her husband did this a few weeks ago and I thought it would be fun. She went on Pinterest and came across this scavenger hunt list. It gives you a unique perspective of the mall and makes you look for the little thing.

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Even though we are in winter, there are still a few nice days. Many of the hiking trails are still open. You may have to use snowshoes to go on these hikes, but you can make them happen. You also get a new perspective on the places that you hike during the spring, fall, and summer.

9. Appetizer Tour

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My favorite date ever... because it involves food. There are so many good restaurants out there and many of them have amazing appetizers. For this one, you plot out around three to five restaurants that you love. When you get to each restaurant you order an appetizer. Some of the places you can get the same appetizer and compare them. It's a fun thing that once again gets you to multiple locations across our fun city.

10. Indoor Picnic

There's nothing like cooking together. Once again this teaches you a lot about the other person. Instead of being all proper, why not eat your meal picnic style? It makes the whole thing feel like a whole different environment and it reminds you of summer. You couldn't ask for a better situation.

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