Do you remember the huge blizzard that swept through Minnesota the end of February?  Well, as we were all shoveling out and roads were getting back to normal, the life of an 18-year-old, who is a past student at Century High School, was about to change.  Now, he needs your help.

Cody Lynn was feeling a ton of pain in his right leg and went in to see the Doctor for the first time about it on February 25th.  Blood tests and a CT scan were done and revealed that his white blood count was high.  Another appointment with the Doctor on Tuesday, February 26th, was when "cancer" was said for the first time. On March 7th, Hodgkin's Lymphoma became the official diagnosis and battle to fight.

Cody Lynn has started his fight and has a great attitude!

"I got this! We are going to beat this!" - Cody Lynn

Anyone that is battling cancer needs a community of support...and now, Cody Lynn and his family need you.  

Show your support and attend these fundraisers!  

Another great way to show support is by sending Cody Lynn and note on his Caring Bridge site.  Get updates on how he is doing and send that note at this link:  Cody Lynn's Caring Bridge site

Wishing you the best, Cody Lynn!

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