There will be quite a Pardi this fall. Jon Pardi will be headlining the annual CMT on Tour run later this year, taking Taste of Country RISERS Runaway June and Midland along for the ride.

Titled the Lucky Tonight Tour, Pardi broke the news to his tourmates through FaceTime while capturing all the fun on Facebook Live. "I have some cool friends coming with me," he tells fans before calling both Runaway June and Midland to deliver the good news from his home in Tennessee.

After some technical difficulties, he reached Runaway June, who were outside having a tofu lunch. "I'm inviting you on tour this fall and I'm not taking no as an answer," Pardi commands in the clip. When he asks them to open a bottle of wine in celebration, they ask if water and tofu will do.

"Catering is all burgers and hot dogs, so you're going to have a hard time with vegan stuff," he warns them.

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Excited about the tour invitation, Runaway June ask Pardi if he was sure he still wanted them on the road, as there will likely be a ton of makeup backstage.

"Maybe one of you guys will end up crying or something and I'll have to make you feel better. It'll be fun. There will be no crying on this tour!" he asserts.

Then it was time to call Midland, who were in bed together taking a nap in the midst of their own tour. "We're on the road right now and we're as thrifty as you can get, and we've got to save money so we're in one twin bed together," the guys joke.

Learning that Cameron Duddy is in his underwear, Pardi laughs before extending a tour invite. "I missed you guys so much I thought we should go on tour together in the fall," he says to a collective, "Hell, yeah!"

After Midland suggest taking out an insurance policy, Pardi has one more serious question: "You guys aren't vegan yet, right? That's some Dierks Bentley stuff. We're hot dogs and hamburgers kind of dudes."

Thankfully for Pardi, they're not vegan, so he'll have some friends to chow down on barbecue with. Complete dates for the CMT On Tour will be announced in the coming weeks.

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