I know, we've all been laughing at the fact that I don't truly know what Minnesota winter is yet - BUT, I'm trying to keep a positive face about it! I was driving around, and had a few thoughts as to how winter can be a good thing. Do you agree with me? Here's what I came up with.

1. You can leave milk in your car, and it won't spoil


Yep, the air is so cold, you can leave it outside and it won't spoil!


2. How many of the cute items can you wear? ALL THE CUTE ITEMS!

Yeah, I bought a Carrie Underwood hat just for the occasion. Don't forget boots and boot cuffs either!


3. Beer stays cold, but not frozen, in the garage!


I mean, if we're being honest, this is probably the most important fact you'll read all day. It is all about protecting the beer after all.

If you're ready to brave more winter weather tomorrow (okay, I'll stop calling this winter, sorry) come see us at Rochester On Tap!

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