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I am bracing myself for a cold winter! I was told some great advice from another native Coloradan who just moved to Minnesota three years ago. He told me that you have to find ways to get outside and embrace the cold. So here we go... I'm going to get outside and embrace the cold with these five items I think every woman in Minnesota needs to have fun this winter.
Snow Shoes on Amazon

My friends and I use to snowshoe all the time in Colorado and Wyoming. There are a lot of good hiking trails that turn into great snowshoeing trails come winter. I have always rented a pair, but now I think it is time to invest in some.
Ice Fishing Rod on Amazon

I have never been ice fishing, but have always wanted to go. I heard that it is loads of fun, but the trick is staying warm. A good fishing rod and reel will set you up for a great winter of ice fishing.
Hunting Boots on Amazon

I SWEAR by my Mucks! I live in them all winter long. They are super comfortable and keep your feet toasty while I'm hunting or doing anything outside.
Cross Country Ski on Amazon

I have never skied in my life, but everyone says that Cross Country Skiing is super fun. The reason for that is you aren't going down a steep mountain with the high risks of hurting yourself. With some good hiking trails, you can have a fun winter.

Ice Skates from Amazon

Ice skating is a fun activity no matter how old you are. There are plenty of lakes around here where you can let your inner kid come out this winter.

These five things will keep you busy this winter so you will keep your mind off being cold!

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