One of the most common questions asked on dates - are you a cat or a dog person? For those who proudly identify as cat people, there's one perfect spot for you in The Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The old stereotypes about single women with cats are long gone. Modern views - possibly inspired by trendsetters like Taylor Swift - celebrate the single woman in the city living her best life surrounded by her feline friends.


A recent article says that cats are the most popular pet here in Minnesota! They were the preferred pets in 24 other states too including, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

But, where's the best place to live solo with your kitty?

Nielsen Scarborough released new market data that revealed the cities with the highest percentage of single women who are proudly living alone with at least one cat.

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Here are the top five best places for single cat ladies:

5. Denver, Colorado

4. Kansas City, Missouri

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2. Seattle, Washington

1. Portland, Oregon

One Minnesota city also made the list and took the 7th best city in the entire country for single cat ladies!

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With places like the Cafe Meow, events like the Wedge Live Cat Tour, and a laundry list of pet friendly places to eat, drink, and shop, it's no surprise that Minneapolis is being recognized!

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