Admit it - ALL OF THESE THINGS get really, really annoying.

After I discussed my holiday shopping peeves (which I discovered while I was out and about last weekend), I realized that I wasn't alone in my gripes. You guys more than comforted me - and shared your thoughts too!

Check out some of your thoughts from yesterday's edition of the #DriveTimeRollCall.

Yep! A lot of us are on the same page about most of these things. However, I noted that some things were overwhelmingly annoying to us while holiday shopping in Rochester.

Here's the list that I came up with. Correct me if I'm wrong?

  1. One cashier. That's right - some stores actually only have one cashier available during prime holiday shopping time. WHY!?? You guys didn't like this because it makes the process slower.
  2. "Special" coupons. Marilee in Rochester wrote, "This applies to all year, not just the holidays: stores that issue coupons just to get you into their store, then when you try to use the coupons, they have so many exceptions, written in the tiniest print possible, that you can't use the coupon after they have checked out your whole cart of stuff." Frustrating!
  3. Aisles that aren't clear. I felt Shelley in Owatonna on this one! She explained, "People who stop in the middle of the aisle. It drives me nuts!! If ya gotta stop pull it over please!"
  4. Talking too much. Are we on our cell phones? Or are we shopping? PICK ONE.
  5. Ignoring the disabled. Sheryl in Rochester gave us something to think about. She wrote, "People who are able-bodied, but instead of taking the escalator that's 50 steps away, they cram on an elevator that's necessary for folks with wheelchairs, strollers, etc. Many of them will shove ahead of those with wheeled devices that have been waiting forever! Be courteous and take the escalator!"

Please be considerate during the last minute shopping crazy! Do these things irk you too?

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