Okay Twins fans, I heard a lot of mixed reactions when I told some co-workers that I was off to the game again the Royals last night.

Some said, "that's awesome!" and others said "eh, they're not doing so hot." So, I had to see what all of the fuss was about! I came to the conclusion that win or no win, Twins games are pretty fun to attend! Here's five things I learned from last night's game.

1) Extra seats? No big - just more seats to choose from! Yeah, there were empty seats, but we were really comfortable!

2) Dominican salsa music that plays as players step up to bat doesn't get oldSeriously, it's another animal you can rock out to.

3) Twins players and Royals players must be friends. I saw a lot of handshakes, and pats-on-the-backs between each other.

4) The ice cream at Target Field is delicious! I got a twist, with M&M's! Yum!

5) Minnesota LOVES Prince. "Let's Go Crazy" was everywhere when a homer was hit, plus the jumbotron had a Prince filter! Too cool!

Do you remember your first Twins game? Post your memories in the comments!

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