It ain't easy being a blonde in Rochester ...or is it?

I asked myself that question as my "eighth day" as a "blonde" in the area.  In case you missed it, last week I went through a pretty drastic hair change.

Do I like my new hair? YES. SO MUCH. Does wearing it make my life any different? Actually, it kinda did in some ways.

TSM Rochester / Bridget Befort
TSM Rochester / Bridget Befort

Here are eight things I've learned in eight days as a new blonde in Rochester.

  • People are just as friendly. It doesn't matter what your hair color is, people in Rochester still pretty much treat blondes the same as any other hair color. I might get a few more doors opened for me, but that (I think) has more to do with dressing more like a lady than my usual t-shirts and jeans, which I've done lately.
  • You fit in easier. It's a fact: we have more folks of German, Norwegian and Swedish ancestry than we do of my Italian - so... there's just more people with light hair here and I might "blend in" a little easier now.
  • COMPLIMENTS EVERYWHERE. You guys have seriously been very sweet to me saying you love my new look! Thank you!
  • A "middle part" is best. At least that seemed to be something you guys mentioned a lot. You like my hair parted in the middle better. Maybe you do in general as well?
  • I don't get the "goth" label as much. Hallelujah!!! Have I overcome this finally!??? My dark hair was NATURAL! I COULDN'T HELP IT!
  • I feel "trendier" and not stuck in 2006. Long layers are cute (probably always classic too), but balayage (the technique used to create my color) is very 2018.
  • Purple shampoo is your friend. My color hasn't changed much, and I think the shampoo I'm using it protecting it! Here's what I mean by "purple shampoo". This shampoo actually costs LESS than what I used to spend.
  • People smile at me more. I was half kidding about the "goth" thing, but sometimes I think that label (and look) intimidated people even if it was natural. Now, I'm noticing I get more smiles faster.

Overall, I'm still very happy with my new cut and color. I encourage you guys to experiment too if you're thinking about it!

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