What's the craziest thing you've done with your hair? For me, this is it.

I've had my long dark hair for most of my 28 years. Specifically, I haven't colored my hair since 2009. It's almost ten years later, and I felt like I needed a serious change.

We all have those bucket list moments, right? I've ALWAYS wanted to go blonde just to see if I liked it and if I wanted to keep it. Last night, I decided to cross "going blonde" off of the list.

I've been obsessed with the balayage trend lately. I mistakenly called it "ombre", but that's not the proper term. Anyway! My hair stylist Emily was stoked when I told her I wanted a drastic change. I sent her a pic of what I was looking for beforehand, and she went to work.

Here's the transformation!

Val's Hair Transformation

Emily spent time with me to make sure I understood how to care for my new do when it came to styling and protecting the new blonde color.

Her tips:

  • Purple shampoo is your friend!
  • Use a small straightener (we're talking width - specifically an inch or under) and curl under. The curled effect will the look pop and give it volume without the crazy hairspray.

She really is a miracle worker! She tried so hard to get it blonder like the picture that I showed her, but honestly, I like what I have and I'm sure it'll lighten up this summer. I adore the cut! It's so much easier to maintain!

What do you think of my new look? Would you get adventurous and try it too?

Thank you guys for reading! I've gotta thank Emily at BlueH20 for putting in three hours on my new look!! Her arms had to be tired!!!

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