Did you grow up watching Dinosaurs, Land Before Time and/or Jurassic Park? Or do you have a more serious passion and want to study Paleontology? Here's your chance to make a huge mark on history! BUT, it'll cost you a pretty penny.

Scientists found a new species of dinosaur back in 2013 that was originally thought to be a species they already discovered. After studying the fossils in more detail, they determined it was actually a new species that was yet to be named. According to Metro.uk.us the skeleton is going up for auction in June. People from the auction house say it could go around $2-million, if not more.

Since all of us normal people won't be able to afford to get in on the fun, I just want to throw out some of my ideas. Please, oh please name it Littlefoot (LOL) or Sammasaur.

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