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There's no shortage of folks trying to predict what the winter of 2022 has in store for us in Minnesota, and another weather service has just released its updated winter forecast.

Just in case you're curious, both the Almanac and the Old Farmer's Almanac both issued their long-range winter forecasts for Minnesota earlier this year. On a more scientific note, the National Weather Service also issued its preliminary winter forecast for the Land of 10,000 Lakes a few weeks ago too. (It said we'll likely experience below-average temperatures this December through March, with equal chances for both below and above-average snowfall.)

AccuWeather Has Just Issued Its Minnesota Winter Forecast

And now another meteorological service, AccuWeather, has put together its winter forecast for the North Star State for 2022-2023. So what does IT predict will happen in  Minnesota this winter?

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So What Is AccuWeather Predicting Our Winter Will Be Like in Minnesota?

Well, as usual, it's kind of a mixed bag. While AccuWeather does say that this winter will likely be different than our past few winters (thanks to the rare 'triple dip' La Nina), it also said it's a little trickier to forecast what will happen.

AccuWeather also said we'll likely have above-average snowfall this winter. Maybe. Or maybe not, seeing as it put much of Minnesota in the '75 to 124% of normal' for snowfall. (Which, if I'm reading it correctly, means we could see either less or more snow than normal this year.)


However, AccuWeather did have some good news for us when it comes to cold weather this winter, putting the Bold North in the '1 to 2 degrees above normal' category for temperatures this year. Of course, it also said the dreaded Polar Vortex could materialize next February, which would send our temperatures well below zero again. So go figure!


Here's The Most Accurate Winter Forecast

No matter what these forecasts say, though, I'm reminded of what a meteorologist I worked with back in Wisconsin would always say when someone asked him what the weather would be like this winter: "Colder, with some snow..." he'd say. Which might be the most accurate forecast yet!

Speaking of predicting the weather, did you know there are several animals here in Minnesota who can often foretell what might happen? Keep scrolling to take a look!

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