He was 61.

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Star of Twister, Titanic and Aliens, actor Bill Paxton has died.

His earliest film role was opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984's The Terminator. He had a minor role as a punk thug. A decade later he worked with Schwarzenegger again, along with Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold and Charlton Heston, in the movie True Lies.

His most memorable roles included treasure hunter Brock Lovett in the James Cameron blockbuster Titanic; astronaut Fred Haise in Apollo 13; storm chaser Bill "The Extreme" Harding in Twister; and, brother Morgan Earp in Kurt Russell's Tombstone. He also had roles on Training Day, Agents of SHIELD, Hatfields & McCoys and Big Love.

Paxton died due to complications from surgery at age 61.

On Facebook, Bob commented

Very sad. One of my favorites. Training Day is one of the best  new TV series...because of him. He nails the character. Gonna miss him."

Bethany commented,

No way!!! We just watched him on Training Day the other night!!!! I am stunned and saddened."


He told CNN's Larry King in 2005 that acting was always his dream.

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