If you watch the History Channel, there is a chance you have seen the show American PickersMike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel the country looking for unique antiques to buy for their shop which is located in LeClaire, Iowa. A few months ago the crew put out a Facebook post asking if there were are some places they should pick in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Well... apparently they found a place.

The Pineandlake Echo Journal claims that the Antique Archaeology van was found outside a home in Wadena, Minnesota on November 6th. They claim that folks even saw co-host Mike Wolfe walking a dog around a specific house in the town.

The article claims the house was owned by Ed Blazek who passed away in 2018. Blazek was known for collecting antiques, so it would be a perfect reason for them to be looking at his house. It did say that crews were not allowed to talk about what they were doing at the house, but other moving vehicles did show up. Hummmmm! They must have found stuff...

The production manager did tell the reporter of the Journal if you want to find out what was actually happening at the house, watch your TV in three to four months. I'm guessing that was a hint we might see an episode of American Pickers that happened in our back yard. But only time will tell us for sure.

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