Dear friends who do not follow the bike signs in downtown Rochester,

I know... it's scary to share the road with some drivers, but there are bike lanes for a reason. These signs weren't just created to annoy you, they really do have a purpose. They are there to keep you and pedestrians safe. So when you choose not to follow these clearly and colorfully marked signs on downtown Rochester sidewalks, you aren't only putting yourself in danger, but everyone around you also.

It is against the law for you to be riding on the sidewalk especially when there is a clearly marked bike lane on the road that you can safely use. If you do choose to be on your bike on the sidewalk, please walk your bike. That's the safe thing to do. I get it, it's not convenient, but during busy lunch hours, there are a lot of people on those sidewalks. If you were to fall off your bike while on the sidewalk, you could hurt a lot of people.

We also want you to be safe, so if you are sharing the road with vehicles, do not weave in and out of them. Be smart and follow the traffic laws.

Thank you again for keeping in mind that the signs aren't there for decoration and actually follow them.

- Concerned Rochester DJ

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