Dear Jason,

I'm sure you never imagined that what happened in Las Vegas would happen to you.

We're all mourning the loss of many during the worst mass shooting in U.S. history today, just as I'm sure you are too.

Jason Aldean Troy Gentry tribute
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

I wanted you to know that what struck me was how resilient you were that fateful night. You walked on stage, excited to perform and prepared the give the audience a night they would remember. You wanted them to feel good and escape reality for a few hours.

This was supposed to be an ordinary show like thousands of ones you'd played before. I'm sure that you never imagined you'd be a potential target during a mass shooting.

What hurts me is not only the mass devastation but the comments surrounding your reaction to this heinous act. Believe it or not, some are calling you a "coward" for exiting the stage as quickly as possible. They expected you to make some sort of "announcement" and protect others - but I ask... how?

How is a man fearing for his life supposed to make any conscious decision in a moment like that? I (and many other fans) understand that your reaction was instinct. It was literally "fight or flight" response at play, and you chose to flee what was already a hopeless situation.

You have a baby on the way, on top of two beautiful daughters. You have a wife. I can only imagine the relief you felt when you were able to reach them after leaving the stage. At the end of the day, they are what matters.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

We love and respect your decision to put your family and your own life first, despite the actions someone else decided to take that terrible night.

Thank you for coming back to us, and your loved ones, alive.

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