Dear Rochester Construction Workers Outside My Office Window,

I get it, there are two seasons in Minnesota... construction and winter, but you are being kind of noisy this week. Out of most of my coworkers, I'm one of the few that actually understands what it is like to work in construction. My family has a sand and gravel pit, so for me to be complaining you know it is bad. We do forgive you because we understand that stuff needs to get done, but we thought we would let you know how we feel.

Jordan on Z-Rock 107.7 and I were talking and his exact words about the level of noise you are producing are as follows.

"#?*!@#!!? that *&^!@?#!!* is@!!!!!!@?*&#@!&$#@!??*&*&*&#@! Uhgggg?@#&*!!!####@&#*" 

His phrasing was not "G" rated so I decided to print it in a "G" way! His office is closest to it, so he's the one that has to deal with it the most.

We understand that you have a job to do and so do we, but could we find a happy medium? Jackhammering all day long isn't ideal for anyone! If we could speed the process up, we won't have to listen to it all day every day. Maybe pick an hour a day to do it, then do something a little quieter after that.

Aaron, our Digital Managing Editor, and I share an office. He agrees that the constant noise is over the top. He said:

"I want to stab my ears with pencils!" 

Other people around the building have said we should soundproof the building or play the music in the studios louder. Those are the only solutions we have come up with thus far, but I'm sure we could find a few more. Thanks for hearing us out and I hope you have a great day!

Yours Truly,
Paisley Dunn

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