In today's climate, this seems really scary. This was noticed at the Plummer House.

It all started when I noticed a Facebook post circulating in my newsfeed that very clearly caught my eye. A swastika in the Plummer House? Is it true?

We know that this historic home in Rochester serves many purposes. It's used for tours, weddings, meetings, parties, and parts of the home are even rented out. This particular photo was snapped during a wedding.

Before we discuss the symbols, let's revisit the history of the house. They explain, "In 1917 Dr. Henry S. Plummer and his wife Daisy, began construction of "Quarry Hill" later to be known as the Plummer House.  Dr. Plummer personally formulated the plans for the house which included many innovations that were far advanced for that day and age."

I was able to reach Les Cookman, caretaker of the Plummer House, and ask about the "swastikas" on the floor. He told me, "They really are Gaelic symbols adapted by Native culture. These are actually symbols of friendship, companionship and peace."

When I asked if he felt they looked like swastikas, he added, "They are turned literally 180 degrees in the opposite direction." He's right. This symbol really does have a different meaning depending on how it's turned.

Shocking at first, but there's more to this story than what was originally suggested.

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