The Most Talked About Commercials From This Year’s 'BIG GAME', and even a couple you did NOT see!

1. Nationwide’s “Invisible Mindy Kaling”

2. Pizza Hut with Rex Ryan and Tony Romo

3. Carl’s Jr. with Charlotte McKinney that you did NOT
see in thie market!

4. T-Mobile’s “#KimsDataStash”

5. Squarespace’s very soothing Jeff Bridges spoken word thing

6. Budweiser’s “Lost Dog”

7. Toyota’s “How Great I Am”

8. Bud Light’s human Pac-Man

9. BMW’s trip down memory lane

10. Snickers’ Brady Brunch

11. Always’ “#LikeAGirl”

12. Dove’s “#RealStrength”

13. Kia Sorento’s very disappointing action movie

14. Mophie’s look at the end of the world

15. The NFL’s “No More” campaign

16. Chevy’s broken TV fake-out

17. Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen”

18. Esurance’s “Breaking Bad” sequel

19. GoDaddy’s AD you did NOT see that
got yanked before Sunday!