Hint: there's a lot of talk about cats and Beauty & The Beast!

Excited for the Miranda Lambert show tonight? Yeah, we are too! Yesterday, to celebrate, we chatted with Aubrie Sellers who is opening up for her at Xcel Energy Center. Here's what happened on Afternoons With Val!

Here's seven things we learned from our chat!

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1. She's now an honorary member of the "Quick Country Cat Crew" with her cats Laney and Luna. Yep! She loves cats at much as Curt, Samm and Val do!

2. There's a lot of corn hole that happens backstage at a Miranda Lambert show. It's so much fun!

3. Emma Watson is her favorite right now. She'll probably find time to see Beauty & The Beast! She loves Emma's efforts as an advocate for women too.

4. She loves Harry Potter. Obviously.

5. Two songs of hers you need to hear are "Sit Here And Cry" and "Liar Liar".

6. Mom Leann Womack is a huge support, but her whole family is musical!

7. She struggles with eyebrow makeup just as much as you do. Seriously. Check Twitter.

You simply have to hear Aubrie's debut album New City Blues before you watch her live opening for Miranda tonight! Here's more from the chat below!


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