In a word, you could call this entire episode...nuts.


The story hit the Interwebs earlier this week from a neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. It details a message from a neighborhood resident who was imploring his neighbors to kindly clear all the acorns from their sidewalks-- because he's an avid barefoot runner and all those acorns and leaves were hurting his feet when he went for a run.

Seriously. I mean, he does know this is Minnesota, and it's fall, right? So, yeah-- there are gonna be some leaves, acorns and who-knows-what-else on your local sidewalks this time of year.

Well, as you might have guessed, his fellow residents thought he was...nuts. This BringMeTheNews story noted that a neighbor shared the original message on Twitter and it blew up with people's hilarious responses to that odd request.

"Maybe you could strap a pair of squirrels to your feet?" was one. Another suggestion was that maybe he could head out running with a leaf-blower, the story noted. At one point on the neighborhood thread, the barefoot runner said he was going to file a complaint against the entire neighborhood with the city of Minneapolis for not getting those darn leaves and acorns off the sidewalk.

Was he really upset with his neighbors, or is this just an elaborate stunt? Only time will tell, I guess-- at least until the snow starts to fall and its too cold to run barefoot outside here in Minnesota.

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