If you have kids, you know there are few things more difficult than getting them up for school. And now a new bill could regulate school start times across Minnesota.

While most kids would probably LOVE a later start to the school day, some state leaders say it's been shown that kids really do function better when they get more sleep. And to do that, this bill would make early start times illegal in schools across the Bold North.

According to this MPR story, the proposed bill would prohibit middle and high schools from starting earlier than 8:30 a.m. and would make it illegal for buses to pick up elementary school students before 7 a.m.

The bill's author, Anoka State Senator Jim Abeler, said it would help students across Minnesota. "This is a health issue for our children and a public safety issue for all Minnesotans. Sleep deprivation is not only hurting our kids but costing our state money in additional health care costs and special education costs," he said in the story.

Opponents, though, say school start times shouldn't be regulated by the state of Minnesota, but should instead be up to individual school districts to decide. If the bill passes, the new law would take effect in with the 2021 school year the story noted.

Warning-- Old Man Rant here: Do we really need a state law on this?!? When I was in school, the day started 7:43 each morning, and I don't remember having much trouble getting up. (I guess that prepared me for the job I have now that requires me to wake up at 3:45 every morning.) It still doesn't seem like something that state needs to stick its nose in, but maybe that's just me.

What do you think? Should that state make early school start times illegal?

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