Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson turned to social media to express hope for the future of country music after Craig Morgan's devastatingly emotional new song reached No. 1 on the all-genre chart on iTunes.

Morgan's new single, "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost," reached the top of the all-genre chart after Shelton personally started an online campaign to get fans and other stars, including Ellen DeGeneres, involved in helping the song get more exposure. Morgan wrote the powerful ballad in memory of his son, Jerry, who died in a tubing accident in July of 2016 at the age of 19.

Shelton was so profoundly moved by it that he said he'd be willing to give up his own slot at country radio to see it succeed, and he tweeted again on Friday (Sept. 13), predicting the song will now transcend its online success and become a huge radio hit.

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"This song might go to #1 on country radio before this is over!!!" Shelton writes, then adds, "Scratch that. I believe it WILL go #1 at radio. So deserving..."

"Not only does 'The Father, My Son and The Holy Ghost' put life in this insane world back in perspective it could also put country music back in its lane," Shelton adds in a subsequent tweet.

Clarkson responded to the latter tweet, writing, "YES!!! Please dear lord baby Jesus with the golden diapers give me back the country music I grew up on!!"

In a recent Q&A to promote her new talk show, Clarkson opened up about how she feels country music has changed for the worse since she was listening to it growing up, saying, "Country music doesn’t sound country anymore ... Country music is gone. I don’t know who’s making it, but there might be like four people."

She took the current crop of "weird word rap" to task, demanding, "Why are you rapping in country music? I don’t understand it. I mean, let’s be progressive, I get it, but come on. And it’s not just one. It’s a lot of y’all. And it’s bad."

Morgan debuted "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost" with an emotional performance at the Grand Ole Opry in July. He released it on Aug. 30 as his first new single since his son's death, and he hopes the song's message can help others keep faith when they are facing those kinds of extremely difficult times.

"This song is a God thing," he posted to Instagram on Thursday (Sept. 12). "My hope is that it reaches all who need to hear it. My son Jerry’s work on earth did not end with his passing."

Blake Shelton tickets are still available to all of his shows still slated for 2019.

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