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A busy Rochester on-ramp onto Highway-52 north will be closed to traffic Thursday morning.

If you live here in the Med City and your drive into work (assuming you're still actually GOING to work that is, and not working from home), and your commute takes you along Highway-52 north, here's a head's up from the Minnesota Department of Transportation:

The on-ramp to northbound Highway-52 at Civic Center Drive will be temporarily closed Thursday (11/19) as crews work to replace a damaged guardrail. According to MnDOT:

Drivers on Civic Center Drive/Hwy 14 who use the northbound Hwy 52 on-ramp will be detoured from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 19 while the ramp is closed. Eastbound and westbound drivers on Civic Center Drive and Hwy 14, who want to travel north on Hwy 52 should take West Circle Drive/Olmsted County Road 22 north to 55th Street Northwest to connect with Hwy 52.

The gang over at MnDOT says the project should take their crews about five hours to complete, and that the ramp should be open again by 1:30 pm. You can check out more about the closing HERE.

I use that ramp to head north on Highway-52 All. The. Time. And, many times, it's a big source of stress that gets my blood boiling, especially when it comes to slowpoke drivers ahead of me who don't accelerate fast enough for me to merge into traffic! (Has that ever happened to you, too? Read more about my frustrations HERE.)

I'll admit to uttering a few, uh, 'discouraging' words, shall we say, when that happens. And, yes, I'm talking actual naughty words here-- not like these Minnesota cities who just have names who SOUND naughty. Keep scrolling to see how many of these towns you've heard of...

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