Friends... National Coffee Day is this weekend! Who is excited? I'm excited about the discounts, but I consider every day to be national coffee day! ;) My morning was made when I woke up to a notification from my Caribou Coffee app! I found out that I can score FREE COFFEE for the whole month of October. Normally I would want to keep this little secret to myself, but I decided I probably should share.

After opening the notification, I found out that if you buy a fall tumbler, you can get free coffee or tea refills from now until October 31st. The tumblers are a little spendy... costing around $40, but if you drink a lot of coffee and have a Caribou near you, then this is a good deal.

Let me make a disclaimer, math has never been my strong suit, but I just did the math to show you how good of a deal this is. Their house coffee is around $3 for a large, so if you drank around 13 cups, you would break even. If you take that a step further and see how many cups a week you would have to drink, it's only around 3 cups a week. Sadly I drink that and more in a month! I think Caribou is going to lose money on me in October.

You can buy the tumblers online or in any of the stores from now until October 31st. They come in two colors. One is blue and orange with leaves on it. The other is blue and green with leaves on it. Both are very trendy and could be handy all year long! Drink up, friend.

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