Winter Storm Kayla will bring heavy snow and strong winds to parts of Southeast Minnesota, Northern Iowa and Western Wisconsin tomorrow. Kayla is expected to produce blizzard conditions in some areas, and preparations for the storm's arrival are already underway in several states.

Coincidentally, our front office woman, Kayla, was found to be the source of the storm. When Quick Country 95.5's morning man Alan Reed asked her if she was the cause of the storm, she gleefully said, "Yes!"

Then she did an impersonation of Austin Powers with her pinky to her lips and bolted out of the studio. One staff member heard her go, "moo-ha-haa" as she left. A quick thinking staff photogorapher caught her in the Quick Country 96.5 studios showing off why she was the instigator.

So, as you're shoveling snow tomorrow and Wednesday, think of this lady. She is the cause of 'Winter Storm Kayla', with her magical powers.

Kayla 2

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