Chatfield, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Chatfield man is facing felony charges for killing the family dog with a shotgun.

Arraigned Tuesday was 31-year-old Richard Jordan.

The incident happened last Friday inside the residence Jordan shares with his girlfriend and their two children, ages one and two.

The criminal complaint says the children and their mother were nearby when Jordan fired the 12-gauge shotgun at the dog from close range as it “was under the kitchen table, cowering.”

The complaint says prior to the shooting, Jordan and his girlfriend got into an argument. At some point, the dog nipped at Jordan’s ankles and he got the gun. Moments later he shot the dog but told his girlfriend it was an accident.

Jordan left after the shooting but was apprehended the next day. According to the complaint, Jordan told an investigator “he shot the dog intentionally because he was afraid for his safety and the safety of the children.”

The felony charges he is facing are: mistreating animals and dangerous discharge of a firearm.

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