The Twins' Joe Mauer and his family is marking one year in their sweet $6.2 million home on Lake Minnetonka. Wanna see what it looks like?

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While most sports stars and celebrities here in Minnesota don't usually make it a habit of showing off their homes, we're able to take a look a what Joe Mauer's home on Lake Minnetonka looks like thanks to the fact that he just bought it a year ago, and the home listing is still active on a couple of Twin Cities realty sites.

If you recall, Joe bought the home (WITH CASH!?!?) for $6.2 million last June. Of course, when your most recent contract with your employer was worth $184 million, as Mauer’s most recent deal with the Twins was, paying $6 million for a house isn’t all that much, I guess.

Anyway, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, the house is pretty big -- 6,500 square feet, with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and an eight-stall garage. It’s located on “3.1 acres, with 115 feet of shoreline on the south side of Wayzata Bay in Woodland,” the story noted.

Yeah. It's pretty nice. And while Joe and his wife, Maddie, may have redecorated their home since they first moved in last summer, you can still check out what the place looks like (or, looked like when it was for sale, anyway) HERE.

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