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There are tons of hiking trails around Minnesota, but only one leads you to a massive, 60-foot tall, magnetic rock! This is on the Magnetic Rock Trail up in Grand Marais. Yes, kind of a hike but I think this is totally worth it.

Only in Your State writes that the reason this rock is magnetic is because it has magnetite in it, which is a magnetic mineral. In order to really experience the magnetic properties of this rock, you have to bring a compass with you on your hike. When you get close to the magnetic rock the compass will start to go crazy and spin around. Pretty cool, right?

Other than the fact that it's super cool that it's a magnetic rock, the size is also impressive at 60-feet tall. So make sure when you go on this hiking trail you get a picture by this massive thing!

The magnetic rock is only accessible by a trail that is not paved so make sure to bring the right shoes to make the trek. The trail is not too long though, it is only 3 miles to get to the rock, according to Only in Your State.

You can find the Magnetic Rock Trail off of County Road 12 in Grand Marais. If you go, make sure to take pictures and share them with us on our app!

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