Some of D.C.'s best baristas and cafe owners shared their tips on proper coffee manners. They are:

Bus Your Own Table. Most coffee shops are over-the- counter businesses, and don't have staff dedicated to busing tables.

Don't rearrange the store. Customers often move couches, chairs, and tables around, but dragging loveseats across the room (and not returning them) can be annoying to other customers and to staff.

Don't take up more space than you need. Not taking up more space than you need is a courtesy to other customers, especially during busy times of the day.

It's time to pay rent. "Squatters" are another common sight in coffee shops. Shop owners are flattered that you want to spend time there, but keep in mind that coffee shops are businesses, not a public library.

Turn the cellphone down. If the coffee shop you're in is loud, it's probably OK if you make a quick call. But no matter what you do, don't order your drink while talking on the phone.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. The barista is there to help you find something you want, so just ask questions and give them a chance to give you great service.

Park your strollers and bikes outside. When a coffee shop is crowded, trying to dodge large objects like bikes and strollers is nearly impossible.

Just follow the rules. Like most casual dining spots, coffee shops don't come with a laundry list of rules, so when you see a few, make sure to follow them. (WTOP).

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