Have you been following the latest rage online? It's a new app that morphs your face in several different ways-- and they're all creepy!


And, the results are kinda creepy. This article says the app utilizes something called 'neural-network technology' to morph your photo into much different versions of yourself.

(You can take a look at how they changed several famous CEO's photos using the app HERE.)

Close to home, take a look at my photos above. In that collage, in the left, the upper left photo is the unchanged selfie I took with the app.

In the right corner, they added a smile-- complete with a big set of choppers. It's one of two 'smile' poses you can use. It looks OK, though it is a little off from my regular smile.

Then, things got super creepy. That's the Old Man St. John in the bottom left-- complete with extra lines, jowls and much more grey hair (though I'm heading that way all by myself, thank you.)

But the creepiest of all has to be the female version of me, on the lower right! Yikes! I have a feeling that one's going to haunt me for a long time.

Have you tried FaceApp yet? While it's creepy, I'll admit I've wasted waaaay more time than I should trying it out!

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