It's spring in Minnesota and the ice on our 10,000 Lakes is precariously thin, as one horse and rider just found out. Have you heard the one about the horse that fell into the creek?

There have been several instances of Minnesota fire departments being called into action rescuing wayward pets (dogs, mainly) who didn't realize how thin the ice is on our various ponds and lakes in Minnesota this time of year. (I wrote about one such rescue just last week. See the pics HERE.)

Well, now you can a horse to the list of animals Minnesota first responders have rescued from the ice. This time, it happened near lm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove.

According to a Tweet from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, the rider got off the horse, which then ran onto the thin ice and fell through. Luckily, crews from Three Rivers Park Police, Dayton Police, Dayton Fire and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office all worked together to get the horse out of the water.

The tweet said the horse, named Lakira, wasn't hurt. But it did take several hours to get her out of the cold water. (I'd guess so. Pulling a several thousand pound horse out of waist-deep water is a little more involved than rescuing a golden retriever, like they did last week in Bloomington!)

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