It seems to happen every spring around this time of year when the ice on Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes gets precariously thin-- and our furry friends don't know the difference.

Luckily for the dog in question this time, the Bloomington Fire Department was standing by and was able to jump into the icy waters to rescue the poor pooch.

According to a post on their Twitter feed, the dog-- who's doing fine, by the way-- broke through the thin ice on a pond in the Twin Cities, along Penn Avenue in Bloomington. Their post doesn't say how long the poor dog was in the water, but luckily a member of Bloomington's Bravest (do they firefighters that here in Minnesota like they do in New York City?) took on the task of rescuing him.

According to the picture, the pond doesn't look too deep, but still, that water had to be pretty cold!  And, it looks like it's deep enough that it's up to the firefighter's chest, too-- making it even colder.

Have you ever broken through the ice on a pond or lake? Thankfully, I haven't, but a friend of mine did about 12 years ago or so. Luckily, he was an experienced ice fisher and had a pair of small ice picks on his jacket he used to help climb out of the water onto solid ice. He said it was tough not to panic once he broke through. I bet!

Luckily for him-- and for this dog-- everything turned out ok! If only our furry friends could read those 'Caution Thin Ice' signs!

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