Can you believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday already?!? Where did the fall go? And where did the weekend go?!? Here's how I spent my time...

I noticed driving in around 4:15 Friday that the Plummer Building was all decked out in blue. (And, sorry, Keith Urban, but blue IS it's color!) I had to snap a picture of Mayo Clinic's iconic building as it peered through the early morning fog.

Then, Friday night, my wife Katie and me got together with some friends for dinner at Cellar-- the new other half of Porch that recently opened in Rochester. We both had a great burger, and enjoyed the cool vibe downstairs!

Saturday morning, I didn't have much on the agenda, so it allowed me to spend a lazy early morning and enjoy some coffee with our newest cat, Hazel. On Sunday, we ended up installing one of those new smart thermostats-- ours is from Nest. It was kind of expensive, but Minnesota Energy Resources offers a pretty big rebate, so we bought one. Now we're waiting for it to 'learn' our schedule and start saving us some bucks on our heating costs.

We ended the week amazed, like everyone else, by Pick's performance on the side of that building during the American Music Awards!




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