Rallying fellow fans to join in on hazing the Eagles' fans while they visit our state. Planning on becoming an Uber driver specifically to drop Eagles fans off at the wrong place. Come on now, we are better than that!

I've been a Vikings fan for years. Am I not super bummed that they once again aren't in it this year? Am I not mad about the disrespectful Philly fans? Outraged would be a better word!  BUT, we are better than that! We don't need to stoop to their level. We don't need to fight fire with fire. If we do, we are just as bad as they are. What's the point?

Maybe you're one of those people that will get instant gratification when doing something so mean spirited, but not ALL the Eagles fans are terrible people. Chances are, the people that threw full beer cans at the Minnesota fans will NOT be the people you haze. And even if they were, be a better person than them!

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