There have been a lot of animals on the run in the past few months in Minnesota. There was a buffalo on the run in Rochester. I've even heard about a snake on the loose in Wisconson school, but have never heard about an Emu!

The Benton County Sheriff's Office released this statement on Twitter the other day in search of a runaway emu, according to MPR News.

This emu along with another emu and a dog all got out of their owner's home. The article says that this emu is consistently on the run. I think there might be a few reasons for that. The first possible reason... the emu is a thrill seeker in need of some adventure in its life. The other option... it doesn't' like its house and wants to find a new one. All good reasons as to why an emu would constantly leave home, but I don't think we will ever get the real answer.

The sheriff's office had a little fun with this situation. The article from MPR News has a quote that says after the emu was questioned, it was released back to its owners. The emu is on house arrest in hopes that it will not run away again!

If you take a deeper look at these birds, they are native to Australia according to Birds in Backyards.  They tend to not be social birds, which is probably why our Minnesota friend was on the run. These animals like forest and woodland because they have room to roam. So... I think we found the answer to the question of why the emu was on the run. It was just trying to be like its counterparts in the wild.

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