When the Houston Astros' Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend during a TV interview after the World Series, it got us searching for the Best Proposal Story in Rochester. Is it yours?


We got to talking about just how it was that your hubby popped the question after seeing Carlos' now-famous proposal a few weeks ago. Now, granted, that's a tough one to top, but in talking to Quick Country 96.5 listeners so far, though, it seems like guys in southeast Minnesota could step up their proposal game!

Several listeners mentioned how their then-boyfriend just something like, "Ya wanna?" when he asked them for their hand! Come on, man! Ya gotta try a little harder than that!

I'm certainly no expert in being romantic (ask my wife, Katie), but even I put more into my proposal than that! I proposed on Christmas Eve, under the all the lights at Rice Park in St. Paul. (If you've never been there during the holidays, Rice Park is really festively-decorated with a TON of lights and looks very magical.)

So, how did YOUR hubby ask you to marry him? Is it Rochester's Best Proposal story? Check out how one guy did it-- and got some fried chicken involved...


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