Many of us have had that point in our lives where all of our friends were getting married and having kids. If you aren't in that phase of life, it can be hard to sit back and watch all this happen, but at the same time, it's a great learning opportunity for everyone. If you are single, Minnesota has ten cities that are great for dating.  As we know, divorce rates across the country are on the rise. So how is Minnesota doing in this department?

Well... according to Homesnacks Minnesota is doing well when it comes to marriage rates. The article says that Minnesota has one of the best rates when it comes to folks getting married and staying married. I tried to find out where they got this information from, but couldn't find an exact website. Which means I did some more digging.

I looked at about ten different articles and there was a common factor on all of them. The divorce rate for Minnesota was missing on all of them from around 2000 to the present time. Hmmm, is our state trying to hide something?

One of the documents looked at the 2017 divorce and marriage rates was a US Today article that ranked the whole country. Once again the divorce rate was missing for Minnesota, but when it comes to marriages... the article says that 50.2 percent of the populations were married. Was this rate accidentally left off or was it on purpose? We don't know. A different article by US News has the Divorce Rate at 10.15 for 1,000 people in Minnesota.

Another factor to consider... our legal age for marriage in Minnesota. According to the StarTribune, minors can get married as young as 16 or 17 if they have permission from their parents and a judge. Lawmakers want to change that age to 18. Do you think this recent push has something to do with divorce rates? I guess only time will tell.

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