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Sick of feeling like you do everything around the house? Say farewell to the "I do everything" arguments! This app will make sure that all things are equal.


It's called Share the Load, and it's not just about the dishes. It covers all the tasks we tackle on the regular - cooking, cleaning, taking the pets to the vet, yardwork, budgeting, planning family functions, and so much more. Plus, it allows you to add more in there if there are additional things you are doing that are not included.

I put the app to the test to see what our household workload looks like and apparently I am handling 65%. I'm not going to even pretend to be surprised. My husband is awesome at hopping on the lawnmower with a beer and tackling our yard, but I definitely do almost everything inside the house. Here's what the app told me:

Hmmm, it looks like you could share the load more equally – unless you've both agreed to this split. Only 29% of couples share the load equally, which leads to more than five arguments every month on average

Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to add an additional person to see if the kiddos are also sharing the load. If you have two kids, you could certainly divvy up the tasks between the two of them. If I had my son added with my husband and I, he'd get an itty bitty little sliver for that one time he picked up his towel in the bathroom. Teenagers, am I right?

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