It's just so painful. Why, oh why, have the good restaurants in Rochester closed down!?

Do you remember Wicked Moose? How about El Loro, or Whiskey Creek? There are a lot of good restaurants that just didn't stick around Rochester long enough. We miss a lot of them!

Curt, Samm and Val decided to talk about the ones they miss. How many of these do you remember? Watch and find out!

Would you believe that according to this website, "American consumers spend 32.9% of their income on housing, 17% on transportation, and 12.5% on food." I honestly thought we spent more of our income on food!

That's not all! Despite this, the restaurant industry (as a whole) has actually seen a profit increase. A restaurant statistic site explains, "Total restaurant industry sales have grown 5% in the past year, with $746 billion spent in 2015 compared to $783 billion in 2016."

So, if the profits are rolling in, why are so many restaurants in the area closing? I have one theory. It could ring true for any restaurant in the country. I agree with this blog. It explains, "46% of all restaurateurs in a Toast survey listed hiring, training, and retaining restaurant staff as their #1 challenge." If it's such a struggle to keep staff, then the quality of service can certainly suffer. Thus, hurting the business. Is this the reason so many restaurants have closed in Rochester?

Is this the reason so many restaurants have closed in Rochester?

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